quarta-feira, junho 20, 2012

Can anyone tell me if there is any virus around infecting brains? Can anyone get me the antiviral? Anyway, I would like to present you my 'be a jerk' manifest. I am glad I'm a jerk because we jerks try to talk, understand and sort things out without offending. We jerks believe in good. We jerks respect others without disrespecting ourselves. We jerks keep our values even when we loose and we don't become arrogant when we win. We jerks are brave to follow our dreams. So I hope you are a jerk too because jerks make this world better. We need more jerks. Be a jerk! Please.

terça-feira, junho 12, 2012

How I was when I was 19... I am glad I still am those words, although in different poems and writings as clouds and tracks of poetry left in the air of the world and streets of life: 


A ballad given rithm by my chest
echoes my soul and hatches these signs
that are the highest pitch
of this melody orchestrated by my senses.

Those first words, that first eye contact,
dive, sigh, touch, hug, kiss, night...
They are the authentic musical notes
composing this chord called love.

It is the treble clef assigning
the tone, independent of the time,
to each musical note dancing in this winding stave.

Oh deafs for love, the heart is
composer, conductor and Universal instrument!
Devour music! Live! Don't merely exist!

terça-feira, maio 15, 2012

'Do not educate your child to be rich, educate him to be happy. So he will know the value of things and not their price'.

'Não eduques o teu filho para ser rico, educa-o para ser feliz. Assim ele saberá o valor das coisas e não o seu preço'.

Max Gehringer

terça-feira, maio 01, 2012

'You flow into me and I Ocean... I forget love is almost a pain.

 Voce desagua em mim e eu Oceano... Esqueco que amar e' quase uma dor.'

segunda-feira, março 19, 2012

The human being becoming bird and eternal beyond the clouds... The human who, after writting his future, saw the stars and the lighthouse last night and vanished into the Universe. Because people tend to think they are weaker if they show their feelings. I tell you, today I know we are much stronger when we do it! Shame is not expressing ourselves and giving up! More than shame that is less happiness (not to say sadness). That is wasting a great opportunity of embracing this life. Because you will live more lifes but this one you will live only once, now... 
18 + 3 + 12 = 33

Night came down dark
Fearless I rode through its blind spots
Day awakened foggy
I recharged my hope stores at the gloomy beach
Wind was digging the sand underneath my roots
Waves were dramatically playing the soundtrack
My pulse was the maestro setting the pace
I kept climbing the wild hill
Away from the cement steps
(there is always a lighthouse at the top)
My clothes were being torn by clouds' tears
My feet getting feathers and my arms wide open
As I went further up the hill, naked and barefoot
The sky behind the fog was happily blue
And the Sun was there smiling.

When I became silly
I turned myself happier
When happierness tuned my colours
I wasn't affraid of dying
When I got fearless of death
I became free
I could truly live
When I truly lived
I loved from the soul
And I didn't want to die.
Either way I took off my clothes
I walked beyond the clouds
Was up lifted and warmed by the Sun
Vanished into the infinity
Found my home and became eternal.

(18 + 3 + 12 = 33)
(33 = 11 + 11 + 11)
(11 : 11 = 1)

quinta-feira, março 15, 2012

São pequenos vazios que vão sendo preenchidos por pequenos cheios (de nada, no fundo, ficando cada vez mais esvaziados), sem dar espaço e tempo para que nos esvaziemos de facto por completo e assim possamos ser preenchidos plenamente.

sábado, fevereiro 11, 2012

14 - 02 - 12 = 0

Point zero.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul
Mine might be suspended in the air
They still stare beyond the horizon.
Skies' crying cleans souls' dust, sadness is not hopelessness.

Point zero.
Even damaged clocks are right at least once a day,
It feels so good when human time is stopped
By letting us float freely in the neutral gravity of the Universe
Where all is nothing and nothing is all.

Point zero.
I might bend down, but I don't get broken by falling
Because I am a leo, a taurus, a virgo
And a rainbow warrior making his wonderland
With love arrows and bubbles of smiles.

Point zero.
A round number of transition, between minus and plus,
Sadness and happiness, darkness and light,
Pause and dance, fear and love...
The defining point of cycles and symmetries, of what it is...

Point zero.
"I died as a mineral and became a plant
I died as animal and became man,
What fear I then as I cannot diminish by dying?"
Die, reborn, defy, reinvent yoursef!

Calm, but vibrant...