quarta-feira, junho 20, 2012

Can anyone tell me if there is any virus around infecting brains? Can anyone get me the antiviral? Anyway, I would like to present you my 'be a jerk' manifest. I am glad I'm a jerk because we jerks try to talk, understand and sort things out without offending. We jerks believe in good. We jerks respect others without disrespecting ourselves. We jerks keep our values even when we loose and we don't become arrogant when we win. We jerks are brave to follow our dreams. So I hope you are a jerk too because jerks make this world better. We need more jerks. Be a jerk! Please.

terça-feira, junho 12, 2012

How I was when I was 19... I am glad I still am those words, although in different poems and writings as clouds and tracks of poetry left in the air of the world and streets of life: 


A ballad given rithm by my chest
echoes my soul and hatches these signs
that are the highest pitch
of this melody orchestrated by my senses.

Those first words, that first eye contact,
dive, sigh, touch, hug, kiss, night...
They are the authentic musical notes
composing this chord called love.

It is the treble clef assigning
the tone, independent of the time,
to each musical note dancing in this winding stave.

Oh deafs for love, the heart is
composer, conductor and Universal instrument!
Devour music! Live! Don't merely exist!