segunda-feira, março 19, 2012

18 + 3 + 12 = 33

Night came down dark
Fearless I rode through its blind spots
Day awakened foggy
I recharged my hope stores at the gloomy beach
Wind was digging the sand underneath my roots
Waves were dramatically playing the soundtrack
My pulse was the maestro setting the pace
I kept climbing the wild hill
Away from the cement steps
(there is always a lighthouse at the top)
My clothes were being torn by clouds' tears
My feet getting feathers and my arms wide open
As I went further up the hill, naked and barefoot
The sky behind the fog was happily blue
And the Sun was there smiling.

When I became silly
I turned myself happier
When happierness tuned my colours
I wasn't affraid of dying
When I got fearless of death
I became free
I could truly live
When I truly lived
I loved from the soul
And I didn't want to die.
Either way I took off my clothes
I walked beyond the clouds
Was up lifted and warmed by the Sun
Vanished into the infinity
Found my home and became eternal.

(18 + 3 + 12 = 33)
(33 = 11 + 11 + 11)
(11 : 11 = 1)

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