quarta-feira, abril 03, 2013

I know

I know these days have been hard
And when we think
They have been hard enough
They become even more challenging
But when I think of the future
And I don´t know what it holds for us
I know I would love you to hold me
Softening tough days
And to hold you
Making winter into summer
While stopping the clock
And transmuting silence to music
So we could hold the future for us.
I don´t even know if you like me
In a similar way I am falling for you
Although I don´t know you well
And all the time to spend together
Is now only in my mind
And its willingness palpitating melodically
Through my heart in the air
And despite all these knows and don´t knows
May sound odd
I thought you would be happier
To know that I know you make me happier
Just because I finally know you do exist.

When you leave safety behind
And take off to the unknown
That's courage

When you land and smile
Just because of landing
That's hope

When you follow your feelings for someone
And not someone
That's freedom

When you wait days just for one call
And your heart smiles when you receive it
That's spontaneity

When your open eyes see gray
And your closed eyes glimpse a kaleidoscope
That's dreaming

Following a dream without catching it
And still being straight up on the curves
That's a warrior

When you get a fulfilled day
After weeks of absence
That's intemporality

When you don't touch who sleeps with you
So they will sleep with you again
That's respect

When you still like
Despite the rational reasons to run away
That's unconditional

When you can not explain why you love someone
You just love
That's simplicity

When courage, hope
Freedom, spontaneity,
Intemporality, dreaming,
Warrior, respect,
Uncondition and simplicity
Are the letters of one word
Well, that word is love
But love is just love
Even when it is only for yourself
And life pushes you away
Because one love moment lasts forever
Even though you don't want to make it life anymore
It is always a reachable state of mind
Whenever, however, wherever
Since you dared to live it!