sábado, fevereiro 11, 2012

14 - 02 - 12 = 0

Point zero.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul
Mine might be suspended in the air
They still stare beyond the horizon.
Skies' crying cleans souls' dust, sadness is not hopelessness.

Point zero.
Even damaged clocks are right at least once a day,
It feels so good when human time is stopped
By letting us float freely in the neutral gravity of the Universe
Where all is nothing and nothing is all.

Point zero.
I might bend down, but I don't get broken by falling
Because I am a leo, a taurus, a virgo
And a rainbow warrior making his wonderland
With love arrows and bubbles of smiles.

Point zero.
A round number of transition, between minus and plus,
Sadness and happiness, darkness and light,
Pause and dance, fear and love...
The defining point of cycles and symmetries, of what it is...

Point zero.
"I died as a mineral and became a plant
I died as animal and became man,
What fear I then as I cannot diminish by dying?"
Die, reborn, defy, reinvent yoursef!

Calm, but vibrant...


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