quarta-feira, abril 03, 2013

I know

I know these days have been hard
And when we think
They have been hard enough
They become even more challenging
But when I think of the future
And I don´t know what it holds for us
I know I would love you to hold me
Softening tough days
And to hold you
Making winter into summer
While stopping the clock
And transmuting silence to music
So we could hold the future for us.
I don´t even know if you like me
In a similar way I am falling for you
Although I don´t know you well
And all the time to spend together
Is now only in my mind
And its willingness palpitating melodically
Through my heart in the air
And despite all these knows and don´t knows
May sound odd
I thought you would be happier
To know that I know you make me happier
Just because I finally know you do exist.

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